At JH Jones and Sons, we offer low-cost firewoods and logs. We pride ourselves for providing clients with high-quality firewoods that are well seasoned and dry. We guarantee that our logs and firewood products are 100% woods and provides long lasting heat.

The firewoods we deliver to clients are all ready to burn on wood burners, fire pits, ovens, chimneys, and more. In addition to firewood’s uses at home, they also make an excellent option for bonfires and BBQs outside your home.

We supply the following:

  • Kiln dried logs
  • Kindling
  • Softwood logs
  • Hardwood logs

Don’t wait until you run out of firewood stock, visit our site at Pantperthog to choose on the range of firewood products we have in stock.  We also provide mail order service throughout Mid Wales. Feel free to contact us for your orders or to enquire on our products at telephone numbers 07876 241592 and 01654 702058 or email midwalesgasandcoal@hotmail.co.uk.

  • Address:

    Pantperthog Mill
    SY20 9AS

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